dang it, they're multiplying.

& growing additional appendages. what's next? clothes. hmm. . . I admit

Here's my mixed fiber dress bodice. I need to hook up with my model (she's like 3) & figure out
whether or not the straps are long enough or if it's a good size around the waist for the age. Once I do that I'll repeat it in the same size & down a size. Then I have this cute lavender colored fabric to sew on the bottom for the skirt.


crazymamma said...

can you pass some knitting motivation over here please?
They are cute, and those colors on that bodice are wonderful.

hamadryad said...

just be manic & completely unable to sleep & be really really sick & unable to walk very far without coughing. lol.

crazymamma said...

ahh, see I have been unable to sleep. I had a constipated, breaking a tooth, had infantum roseala baby just a few days ago. So my lack of sleep was not under my control. So more like exhausted than manic. Though totaly wish I had some manic energy right now

I hope you start to feel better

Red Sonja said...

I love those! *sigh* Something else to add to my ever-growing list of stuff to knit. One day I'll actually finish something, if only because I'm running out of needles.

BitterSweet said...

Oh wow, they look great! I'm so happy that you're enjoying the pattern! :)

Red Sonja said...

*poke, poke*

Hey lady, we miss you!